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What We Do

Everyone thinks that disability integration in churches is "so important," but executing on this "important" topic can be draining on parish staff, volunteers, individuals with disabilities, and families impacted by disability that are already overworked, exhausted, and burnt out.

Here's where churches live up to its importance. This is where individuals with diagnoses and their loved ones are empowered and supported in being welcome, accepted, and appreciated in their churches to grow in love for God.

We believe parish leaders, individuals, and families need to have support and guidance available throughout the process of ecclesial integration. Here's what Uniquely Catholic can offer you in addition to our excellent blog and social media content...

We Belong together

Don't experience burn out; let Uniquely Catholic help you and your parish.

Customized Trainings


Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Retreats and reflections



We're Better Together

Let's chat about the plan for helping revitalize your parish through welcoming individuals with disabilities and their loved ones. Let's create and implement an intentional plan for creating a community of belonging and ownership. Let's grow and support our uniquely Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ.